Beyond Experiences

Beyond Experiences?
Sounds fancy but what does it mean?

During our long experience of improving corporate relations, we made an important discovery: satisfaction levels are only partially able to predict the behaviour and loyalty of customers, employees and sales partners. We have done further research and discovered the following connection:

“Human behavior can be better predicted by perceived performance quality and the emotional closeness experienced.”

This is because customers only evaluate their experiences according to particularly positive or particularly negative emotions. Events not worth mentioning are relatively quickly forgotten. The aim is therefore to generate positive emotional experiences. Only these anchor themselves in the memory and result in loyalty and recommendation. We achieve the influencing of memories through a behavioural-economic approach, which is based on the research results of the Nobel Prize winners Kahnemann (2002) and Thaler (2017).

You can read a detailed description of the psychological background in this article by our behavioural economist. If you are interested in an example from customer service: here we present the peak-end rule, one of the simplest and most effective methods.

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