Frequently Asked Questions

We make sure that we always express ourselves in a precise and clear manner. In case we are not able to do so, we have created this section.

If this still leaves questions unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you further.

The SWI is an owner-operated social science consultancy based in Hamburg. We are specialists in employee and customer relations and the evaluation of touchpoint and service quality. With our in-house field research DUBIKU, we offer professional on- and offline market research.

We focus on specific tasks, are flexible and innovative. For now more than a quarter of a century, we perceive ourselves as problem solvers. Our clients recognise this too.

Well-known German media use our expertise to produce comparative studies and thus help consumers make decisions. Examples include our annual “Best Bank” and “Best Mortgage Provider” studies.

First of all: We see ourselves as an intellectual sparring partner and focus on cooperation in partnership. We work with and not for.

Our partners are of two kinds: On the one hand, media that commission comparative studies from us. With the help of our wide range of measurement methods and our many years of experience, we are able to provide independent and meaningful analytical results and thus provide consumers in Germany with guidance for difficult decisions.

Furthermore, we work with companies who view us as a competent partner and consultant in the acquisition, satisfaction and retention of customers and employees. We optimize experiences and contacts that people have with and within companies.

No matter whether qualitative or quantitative, measuring is all about precision. The applied instruments must be appropriate and tailored to the situation in order to ensure an analysis that is both meaningful and efficient. For this reason, we have built up a broad portfolio of measurement methods. Thanks to our more than 25 years of experience, we know which are relevant to which situation. We use our own field research DUBIKU in this context. You can find an overview of our range of services here.

We always offer the presentation of results in the usual formats such as Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, regardless of the analysis content. In this respect we apply a high degree of individualisation. We adapt to your needs. Anything between a one-pager and a detailed reporting is possible.

Additionally, we offer an online-based view. You will receive a dashboard solution with hosting on dedicated servers in Germany and can control how you want to view the results, e.g. specific to a certain target group.

There is also the option that we can immediately utilise the results for you. For example, we offer an so-called impulse workshop which we conduct with your employees – ideally using our televoting equipment. In this interactive event, we compare the employees’ self-perception with the external perception that we have uncovered – all in real time. We moderate the event and discuss the reasons for deviations with your employees. Such measures sharpen people’ s awareness to the maximum and have a positive influence on corporate culture.

We know that there is a adequate budget available for every task and we are aware of the responsibility to act within it. Efficiency and cost-awareness are important topics for us.

To show you that these are not empty promises, we want to highlight our contribution to added value and make developments visible. Throughout our entire process, we work with measurement methods in the sense of financial controlling. For instance, you can view the development of your performance over time through a dashboard. The benefits of our cooperation become clear.

We could write a lot here. About our dynamic, committed team – about our many years of experience and expertise – about our high level of precision and the diligence with which we carry out all our tasks. But let’s be honest, these are empty words until you get to know us. However, we strongly believe there is one thing that you will only get from us:

It is important to us that our cooperation is based on partnership. We will never withhold information from you or hide behind a series of meaningless buzzwords. Other consultancies and institutes manage a limited information horizon for years, whereas we are constantly developing our methods by supplementing them with findings from the latest scientific research in fields such as sociology, psychology and (behavioural) economics. Accordingly, we do not have to be protective of our knowledge, but are happy to pass it on to you. This way, we both develop our knowledge simultaneously. As partners.

That’s entirely up to you. You can reach us by e-mail and telephone. We even have a fax machine for some reason. After our initial contact, we will arrange an first meeting in which you will describe your challenges and we will discuss your objectives in a cooperative exchange of ideas. You will then receive an offer from us a few days later. Of course this service is free of charge for you.

Here are our contact details. We look forward to a lively exchange with you.